i was just thinking that maybe the timeline that we have seen through the whole series (flight 815) wasn't the way the main characters were supposed to get to the island. maybe they were supposed to get to the island by free will, and maybe the timeline we are seeing now was the way it was supposed to happen. in that timeline the plane was not supposed to crash on the island. something tampered with the timeline (mib?) and the new timeline it is trying to course correct itself? this theory has alot of holes in it and i'm not saying i believe it or that it is remotely true, but it maybe something to think about. I havent seen anything thats like this theory on lostpedia so far so i thought i'd give it a whirl. also i've been reading alot of physics related to time and what if it were possible that time may have actually started from the end to the beginning, since it has never been proven that time is actually linear. any ideas?

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