ok i've been reading alot of the blogs lately and there are 2 things that have been urking me

1. why do so many people believe that the monster is mib. like most things on lost there is little evidence except that when ben went into the chamber alex told him to follow whatever locke said, and that the monster can take shape of other people. now granted there is slight evidence and i would never say that someones theorys are wrong, but honestly i would be very upset if it did turn out the monster was mib. i like the idea of the unseen monster that lurks in the woods waiting to strike, instead of some dude as the monster. any body agree with me?

2. i also personally think that christian shepard is not with the mib unless mib is the good side. i think christian has always constantly tried to to help, and that he and jack should or will have a scene where they embrace each other and talk. i havent and still don't believe that christian is bad or trying to negatively influence people. but hey i could be wrong, let me know what you think.

also sorry if i screwed up on here its like 4 am here.

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