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September 8, 2009
  • Empath86

    i'm currently watching the enhanced version of the substitute and was just thinking how mib says that he is able to feel loss, and i was thinking that the lost producers said that annie (bens childhood girlfriend)was very important. im thinking that maybe annie could have been the mib's daughter, i have absouletly no evidence to support this but i was wondering how they might make annie very important. this is probably riddiculous but i thought hey screw it!

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  • Empath86

    food drops

    February 18, 2010 by Empath86
    for some reason i heard that it was confirmed that jacob was responsible for the food drops, is this true because i dont remember seeing or hearing that? Read more >
  • Empath86

    did you guys noticed

    February 17, 2010 by Empath86

    did you guys notice that mib seemed like there was a part of john locke literally coming out of him. i have a theory that since mib attained john lockes memories, and as llana says he cant change shapes anymore except to the smoke monster shape. is the mib going to become john locke as if lockes merging with the monster.

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  • Empath86

    best moments

    February 16, 2010 by Empath86
    i was thinking maybe we should think about our favorite scenes in lost. what made us love this show, it seems to me that alot of people have disliked the way the show has been going, i love whatever they give me. so whats your favorite moment in the show. mine is when jack and locke are talking and jack says something like, "why is it so easy for you to believe?" and locke says "it's never been easy". Read more >
  • Empath86

    something i noticed

    February 10, 2010 by Empath86

    in what kate did when sayid is getting tested for the sickness, dogen blows some dust on sayid i think this dust might have been the volcanic ash that keeps the monster/mib away. it seemed to not interact with sayids body (though i could be mistaken)if it didnt it seems that his body is repelling the ash because of the monsters influence, and the sickness. but i think as long as it doesnt spread to his heart that he will be safe. maybe it isnt literally his heart, but the meaning of the heart perhaps the monster has to influence you to turn you to the darkside. and maybe the electricity that they hooked up to his body was like the sonar fence and seeing that it hurt sayid was another way to know that he might be infected.

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