what do we know ?....ben was "healed there as a child....has a wall from preventing other islanders from seeing it (so they must know others will be on the island and always will, need to keep it safe from outsiders, but why if you are so in touch with the island would you tolerate other people on your island and how do they find it--youd think it would be safe or they would think it safe unless they know there will always be tresspassers...) it is where cindy and the other temple (barefooted people :) are and cindy says the are watching... so ben as leader and an other for years ,. ...has only been to the temple as a child when he was healed ? the way he says to flocke i think i know where we are going, its where they healed me as a child...its like that was the only time he was there. why would this be ? or did i misread that scene. ? anyone who can shed some light on this temple im all ears !!cheers :)

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