simple and easy and im sure eveyone has thought of it before, with all the theories rollin around, looking for clues and analysing everything sometimes we make things slightly more in depth or complicated than need be. simply put jacob knew of nemisis s plans, and that is why he resurrected locke when he fell from the window and this touch from jacob at the moment of death(i think anyway) is the reason we have two lockes(dead one and flocke) when yemi and christains bodies were used the bodies were used as well and therefore gone, but we ve still got lockes dead body. and now jacob is seemingly dead, will the other body of locke be put to use through jacob, ??? (my personal thought is there has always been a conflict with jack and locke so jack might have to die to win the war, and two lockes would seem weird) just wondering where we go from here . . . ????

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