ok to quote richard in follow the leader when sun askes "were you here in 1977? these people, jack sheppard kate autin hugo reyes they were here with my husband jin won were you here ? do you remember them ? any of them ? richard says yes i was here 30 years ago and i do i remember these people i remember meeting them very clearly because "i watched them all die". ok this seems to be the purge or the bomb in most people minds. but my question is "i remember meeting them very clearly" because he watched them die ? this would make you assume that richard speaks to people or "meets" them after they die on the island is he a go between with nemisis ? does he have privledge to the temple and the "underground" where smokey is ? then again richard has never been shown to fear smokey but knows of its existance(lockes boyhood drawing)do the dead have a "meeting" with richard once they die and he sends them to smokey ? ok rambling now i just thought it was a wierd way of wording what happened. just where does richard fit in to the whole "game" of nemisis and jacob anyway (and did he know ben was believing that jacob resides in the cabin ???) any thoughts to help me tie up this crazy loose end ??

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