ok first question- i wish richard never said to sun "i saw them all die" this doesnt make any sense to me, if it is the incident, how can he watch that ? where is he ? --my only theory is that perhaps at the temple you are able to watch over the other parts of the island somehow--cindy is there and when we see her at the cages with jack and jack asks whats she doing with them she replies, we re watching)--whispers are watchers of some kind too, ok, my point is richard sees kate in 2004 when he makes the deal to save ben from that keamy guy. so how did he see her die in 1977 but meets her in 2004 and he is saying this in 2007 ?? second question does anyone think that it was almost prearranged for ben and richards first time meeting ? richard seems maybe to have an interest in ben like locke--if one of them is detined to be the island s leader but maybe he is checking out both of them, as they both have mothers named emily, born premies, born off the island(i would have thought the islands leaders should have been island born) like a proficy of some kind but to whom it means ?? why is this the only time we ve seen richard looking all beardo the pirate on us :) ????? any thoughts

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