another seemingly pointless question, (need info for a master theory you see) any help ?

Elliebellie September 12, 2009 User blog:Elliebellie

trying to compile a list of our losties and where they (after 815) "landed" after the crash. any help would be appriciated. 1. Jack -- jungle (in banya or something the "protecter" tree)(blacked out as well) 2. Locke -- beach (taken over by MIB) 3. Kate --?? --jungle 4. Sayid -- ?? 4. Hugo -- beach ? (although first we see him he is all dry wandering around) 5. Claire --beach (dead or MIB i think) 6. Boone --beach (dead) 7. Shannon --beach (dead) 8. Sawyer --?? 9. Walt --beach (dead) 10. Michael --beach (dead) what kind of a rest or paralell or alt. timeline have we got for season 6 ? are there clues here? not all dead characters are returning. COULD THOSE WHO LANDED ON THE BEACH AND NOT THE JUNGLE --Were they SUPPOSED to die ? and boone and shannons dead were like course correction ?

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