ok , i apologize in advance, as i know this was posted a while ago, i cant get it out of my mind though. when we see time travelling sawyer,jin, juliet... and they look up to see the back of the statue the legs are completly apart, where if you look at the bottom-if you click it to full screen- the feet seem apart,granted we are looking through bushes, but the feet do not stand together, as they do when we see it in full with jacob in the incident. now i really dont think there is two statues, could this be an error ? seems like a big one then, in the sawyer only showing the back photo, you can see a bit of the crock "snout" so it must be the same. but then whty the heck are the feet and legs different(someone had mentioned the lines on the skirt are opposite, a mirror image, its these darn legs that have me questioning and questioning.)


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