ok, Ill try and be as brief as possible and includes all major points. (tons of info probably left something out will add later) 1943 Tesla on board a govt project to ensure radar invisibility using tesla's knowhow on Einstins unified field theory (that he died before he could test) using this the theory was to make a ship invisible to radar using huge amounts of electromagetism to encase the ship therefore bending light and radio waves making it invisible for radar to detect. test one works well, with bunnies (haha) on board, some bunnies are found to have disappeared but the ship was rendered invisible not only to radar but to the naked eye as well !tesla had a problem with the project stating that people on board would cause a problem,(too unpredictable-sound familar) the navy didnt agree and pressured him to complete and ready for test 2 with a human crew on board. he shuts down equiptment and abandons the project. enter Von Neuman to take the place, after some tinkering and adding a third generstor to the ship--which wont sychcronize with the other two for some reason, he sets it up and test 2 with humans in aug 1943 takes place. switches are thrown, generators on huge amounts of electicity running through the ship and its encased in a green fog, blinding blue flash and the ship is gone. reappears miles away in Norfolk, Virgina, then reappears in Philedelphia navy yard. (most accounts put it gone for 4 hours-vanished from space and time !!!)the switches are thrown off and whats in side the ship ?? most sailors have vanished, some caught on fire, the rest sick (sickness) going mad,therefore taken out of society,(proclaimed lost at sea),some went into a "deep freeze" where the would become invisible and unable to move or speak, completely aware of others and their actions but not able to do anything, so they would go mad by the time they were no longer "frozen", and a few were actually bonded to the ship.(fused metal to human) its said that when the ship disappeared it was no longer solid and the men could walk through walls. . . so when it was rendered visible some were stuck.-------the most amazing part of the story is about two brothers who jumped overboard while the ship had disappeared, they traveled through a worm hole 40 years exactly to the future to 1983 where VOn Neuman was waiting for them (in MONTAUK) one went back to destroy the project on the ship (Eldridge), the other stayed. the one who stayed was labeled disappeared. What they had acheived was teleportation in hyper space, due to the amount of electomagnetic power that was involved. a wormhole, a time tunnel connecting 1943 and 1983. (one note to add is that the location of this experiment was utmost important, under the earth in this spot is a huge amount of energy) Because one went back on Von Neuman s orders to sabatoge the project ( as he sees in real time the concequences of it, basicly human test subjects) this creates a timeloop. (lookup project Rainbow for more info, as it was renamed this) -----a side note, the problems with the humans in the experiment needed a time-lock when the ship jumped space and time because they are living cells that need a memory point to go back to--a constant??-----this was the problem tesla anticipated. the ship had a zero time reference but if people skipped in time their zero time reference was altered(zero time reference being the birth year and the subsuquence age you are in that time-you dont age drasicly if you travel therefore your zero time reference is out of wack) two more points then draw your own similarities. In 1983 the project is called Phoenix located at Montauk. (after the location)The main focas was to see how the mind reacts to interdimentional travel. There in 1953 they had time tunnels working and during this time they experimented on mind control, monitoring of certain people in this enviorment(like the watching of the others) linking the human brain to computers to store info., and use a gifted pyschic to test this on. one experiment was to try and generate thought forms into reality. this experiment caused the end, one such gifted person was to sit in a cystal encrusted chair to transmit thoughts into actual reality thus creating a "monster" that destoyed the entire project, and alot of the people. yes very crazy isnt it ?? i d never read of this before or heard of the story and there is so much to add--such as a supposed ufo was monitoring the philedelphia experiment and got sucked into the worm hole thus leading to using technologly to keep a window open and travel back and forth before it was destroyed.( note i thought was cool - in 1944 an american troop train going through french railroad tunnel is blown up with 10 Billion in Nazi gold,the gold turns up 10 years later in Montauk.) so my point, this "monster " was formed from human thought forms transmitted through somekindof computer that acted with experimental electromagnetism =explanation for smokey ? the whispers seem a bit like the "deep freeze" in the way that they can see whats happening but cannot interact. jacobs cabin has alchemsty clues as in the bottles , experimentation of somekind as who ever is in there is a disembodied soul of some kind. and lastly the unified fieil theory, has some credibility in theory anyway, interesting to note the side effects of bending space and time using electromagetism, the green fog, the flashes, the diasppearing and to do this any number of times the human mind must have an anchor, a constant or sickness will occur. i think the entire island is an experiment of something higher that is watching and trying to change the outcome of the said experiment till he gets it right/ the way he wants it depending on what he is using it to achieve. perhaps this is where the writers got the ideas behind some of the mysteries that have a basis theory in science and not just imagination . . . . asleep yet ? google for an interesting read. cheers. (hope this wasnt too fragmented and boring)

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