ok heres some things (quite alot so grab a latte and a comfy chair) that i think support richard at least knowing of the cabin and what the heck is going on there.(ill point form to shorten) And to clarify i think richard has been using the cabin, NOT imprisionered there. 1. Ilana gets to the island first agenda is to find richard to show him what he s up against. where does she first go = Cabin. (and how does she know where it is?) 2. Richard lives in the jungle, never the beach in all the time he is there, always the jungle. Does he live with ben and everyone else when they go to the barracks after the Purge? wheres richards house then ? we only see him in yellowhouse ville when he tells ben widmore is leaving on the sub, but does he live there ? 3. Cabin has no technology, does Richard like technology, i d say no. He eats skinned bunnies on an open fire, lanterns, tents.... 4. Seems to know of smokey but never have i seen anything to think richard fears smokey and he lives in smokeys jungle unafraid. 5. Familiar with the tunnels, where smokey lives. (the whispers come with the cabin and smokey so im assuming there is a connection) 6. Both Richard and the Cabin appears in the jungle seemingly out of nowhere, after we hear whispers (little ben, saving little ben/sawyer and kate, and when he and the others attack Keamy) Like the Cabin appears to hugo along with whispers. 7. In the whipser transcripts the cabin whispers are a man and a woman and they reference an third person there, then call "Richard" (could richard be the alchemist they ask for?) 8. Ben takes Locke to see Jacob and says this to Richard.(man behind the curtin) wouldnt richard know that Ben doesnt know where Jacob is ? Unless Ben has been tricked by Richard into thinking this is where Jacob is and that unless you are "special" you wont see or hear him. 9. Who left the piece of tapesrty in the cabin for Ilana ? We assume it was to inform whoever that jacob has moved to the statue, but in the opening of the incident we see, Jacob ALWAYS lived in the foot. Flocke couldnt have put the tapestry piece there, i think Richard did, or else jacob did to tell her where richard is, who else could have ? after all she was first looking for richard. Lastly (i know thank god ) Richard and Horace have some kind of proir dealings/ connection/truce/arrangemnet that we havent seen. They have a level of respect for each other, Horace "built" the cabin, something just doeant add up. So whats up with Richard, and his connection to the tunnels, cabin, smokey after all ?? richard the key to it all, and Horace double agent. thoughts ? have i messed up anything ?

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