Hanso connection will we get any answers in season 6 ?

i have always been a little intrigued by the Hanso connection. Do you think we will get any answers on any of the hanso s in season 6 ? Like--Was magnus hanso on the black rock and did he die and was buried on the island ? what role if any did he play before his death ? or did he make it off the island and the blast door map is wrong ? How did alvar hanso know of the island, where he get his money to finace dharma ? what about the life extention project and alvars abnormal blood work ? what is happening now that alvar and mittlework had a falling out(due to M harvasting organs and wanting to experiment with viruses on small villages) how does any of this affect dharma ? the island ? were the tunnels under the barracks there for centuries and therefore maybe alvar/magnus or dharma knew of the tunnels...????? too many questions and then there is the whole rachal blake connection..will we ever know how it all fits in ? season 6 cant be all flashbacks so is the whole Hanso story finished ? any thoughts ?

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