Darlton have said that viewers will start the season on one 'team', but that there'll be a period of 'swapping', like at the start of an American Football season. Well, I was on Team Jacob to begin with, but it's looking like Team Locke will be Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Jin, Sun, Ben, Lapidus, Richard and some Others, in which case I'm definitely on their side! Much better than Team Jacob, which is just Jack, Miles, Hurley, an infected Sayid, a bunch of Temple Others, and Jacob himself who is dead. But I want the real Locke back. I hate what Ben did to him, and what the Monster said about him.

I find the parallel timeline a bit uninteresting. It's fun when something weird happens, like Ethan being a doctor, but we already knew he was a doctor, and he was evacuated in 1977, so it's no great surprise. In the original timeline, I wonder when he returned to the island? He was there in 1989 to steal Rousseau's baby, so must have left the island at the evacuation, returned, joined the Hostiles, then left the island again to become a doctor, then returned once more.

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