Something's just started to bother me - how/why did Naomi have a photo of Desmond and Penny?

For this question to be answered, they're going to have to explain a lot of the Widmore back-story, such as how Penny found out about the island.

Unless they just sweep it under the carpet, I suppose the explanation will have to involve Charles, Penny, Eloise, Faraday and Desmond - we know now that capturing Ben wasn't Charles' only objective, as he also deliberately sent Faraday (his son!) there for reasons which are still largely unknown really, as surely Charles didn't know about the Jughead creating a parallel timeline?

It has to have something to do with Desmond. When Eloise says "The island's not finished with you", that has to be important. Because otherwise, when Faraday went to the Hatch and saw Desmond, it basically achieved nothing, as all that happened was Desmond went to Oxford, went to see Eloise, and got shot. So Charles must have wanted Desmond to leave the island, so perhaps gave Naomi that photo so she could identify him?

This is all a bit of a mess - I'm hoping something nice and simple will resolve the whole thing!

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