over the course of the previous few hours i've been attempting to come to terms with the death of LOST. i use the word death because like the way the writers depicted our losties afterlife (or inlimbo), the end of the television series itself is something i cannot say is very meaningful.

will LOST's series finale become synonymous with the words; 'loose-ends' 'unfulfilled potential' 'let down' or even 'it kinda reminds me of battlestar galactica'? i suppose it's open to interpretation, which is likely to be another phrase that's uttered in response to the finale. nevertheless, i'm bitter. after committing myself to six seasons of the most compelling show on television, i cannot help but question my faith in the series after witnessing the final hours. this is not to say i regret the way i've spent my time. on the contrary, i believe it is the journey and not the destination that is of the most importance. it's the experience of reading the book not finishing it. with this in mind, LOST has produced a simply beautiful and imaginative world full of interesting characters, mythology, and meaning...

but after The End i began to reflect on the series in relation to its final chapter. and i don't believe i am alone in saying it leaves something to be desired. i've faithfully tried to tie the loose ends up on my own. why is sayid with shannon? wasn't charlie already enlightened? how does keamy die inlimbo? there are some questions that can be chalked up to the complications that arise in using film as an art. like why isn't eko in the church? and the writers could give some emotionless response like 'he's working on his new discovery channel original that sets him up against the worlds most dangerous lions, tigers, and bears in a to the death duel' there are also unanswered questions that require just a stretch of imagination. wasn't charlie already enlightened. to which a reply could be 'he was at the beginning stages of realizing enlightenment, it hadn't reached its maturity yet.

however, in the process of attempting to tie up these loose-ends i realize i will ultimately fail. because what happened, happened. the plane has crashed and we're left sifting through the wreckage. some of this story is incomplete. some of this story is flawed. i will maintain that the experience of LOST will be something that will not be repeated, and should be treasured. but its End leaves the series itself, a flawed masterpiece.

some of you hovering about this blog have made the same attempt i have. trying to make sense of it all, sifting though the wreckage, or closing the interpretation yourself. some of you have succeeded. however, there are certain events within the story line that i cannot rationalize. and when i attempt to make excuses for the writers it ends up being rather meaningless. it is only a show? well, it's only a show in and of itself. but the interesting thing is, hardly anything exist in and of itself. we the fans have brought this to life. and we the fans have witnessed its demise. it's now our decision to write it off as a meaningless television series or take responsibility for the way it's interpreted. (i'm positive there's a middleground but im not including it for dramatic effect)

LOST's time of death is hard pinpoint, whether it occurred after the final LOST or even beginning the sixth season. a season i remained hopeful for until the very end. maybe it was just a slow decay. nevertheless, it's a topic warrants conversation.

and maybe this is too sudden. especially at the wake of our beloved friend. but i'd like to suggest that we all schedule a series of conferences in which we do our collective best to tie up some of these loose ends. because it's clearly unraveling, and no amount of wishful thinking (Darlton wrapping it all up in a blu-rayed red bow) will change what actually happened within the life of the show. (if i was an extremist i would suggest that we all rewrite the series together! of course remaining true to the mythology and characters and significant plotlines.) but i do believe the series needs further interpretation at the very least. not the sort of 'what does it mean to you?' it's all relative interpretation, but something more scientific (and inevitably imaginative) that leads us to a more meaningful ending and thus a more meaningful experience.

is anyone on board?

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