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  • Electricdresses

    Here is an interesting section of an article from by a mr. chadwick martin. it might shed some light on the discussion.

    The purgatory scenes are a symptom of what, in retrospect, was Lost's greatest flaw. It refused to follow its own advice and let dead be dead. In the early seasons, Lost prided itself on its willingness to kill off any character it wanted. This, we were told, was proof that on the island the stakes were high. But then Lost's writers fell in love with their characters, and people started wearing bulletproof vests, recovering from harpoons to the heart, and returning as Demon Spawn. By granting the characters' souls eternal life, in purgatory or elsewhere, the writers diminished our interest in their actual lives—t…

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  • Electricdresses


    over the course of the previous few hours i've been attempting to come to terms with the death of LOST. i use the word death because like the way the writers depicted our losties afterlife (or inlimbo), the end of the television series itself is something i cannot say is very meaningful.

    will LOST's series finale become synonymous with the words; 'loose-ends' 'unfulfilled potential' 'let down' or even 'it kinda reminds me of battlestar galactica'? i suppose it's open to interpretation, which is likely to be another phrase that's uttered in response to the finale. nevertheless, i'm bitter. after committing myself to six seasons of the most compelling show on television, i cannot help but question my faith in the series after witnessing th…

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  • Electricdresses

    at least on the MiB's part, he seems to have promised three of his followers something in return for their loyalty to him. for Sayid, Nadia. for Sawyer, getting off the island. for Claire, Arron. i wonder if there is any correlation between the flash-sideways and the fulfillment of these offers. it's doubtful.

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  • Electricdresses

    this theory isn't much of a prediction but more of a reevaluation of events that have taken place since season two.

    sometime in the island's distant past the MiB and Jacob have a heated conversation regarding loopholes and people coming to the island. "they come. they fight. they destroy. they corrupt. it always ends the same." and Jacob says in response, "it only ends once. anything that happens before that is just progress."

    flash-forward to the crash of oceanic flight 815.

    the smoke monster, who i am assuming to be the the MiB, has a couple encounters with Mr. Eko. the first being in season two, when we witness the monster almost examining Mr. Eko, it flashes moments from Eko's past. I believe Smokey was determining whether or not Eko was …

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