• ElTomatito

    The appearance of Benjamin Linus in the school where Locke is now working would suggest that this universe would not be related to the actual "original" Lost Universe but an alternate one, created by the resolution of a Loophole in the actual Loop on the events that lead to the existence of this story in the first place. In more detail, let's take a look at some of the events during time-shifts leading to the incident.

    • Locke telling Richard to go see him when he was born.
    • Ben taken to the temple after Sayid tried to kill him.
    • Faraday telling Charlotte she has to leave the island.
    • Miles leaving the island.
    • Juliet Saving Ben. Harper, the therapist, tells her that she reminds him(Ben) of her.
    • The Incident

    Every single action that would have a signif…

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