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  • My occupation is Rap Artist, Lyric Writer, Creating Things, Editing Wiki's.
  • I am Hi, I'll just use this space to say a quick memo on me, I am Echani! I am currently editing Mech Mice Wiki. Please contact me on my talk page if you need me. :)
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    Hai Guys, yesterday I made the countdown timer hieroglyphs from the Swan. Egyptian symbols(written language basically) has always been very interesting to me. I love how lost incorporates the idea of the Egyptians being at the lost island, it gives it more of a history than it already has and also left us with a bigger mystery of the Lost Island. I have just re-watched the episode where Ben Linus, (Pretending to be Henry Gale) is captured by Daniel Rousseau and brought to the Swan, here Sayid interrogates Ben(Ep. "One of Them"). Well, as you all know Jack doesn't take kindly to that and demands that Locke(John) open the door to the gun vault, as this moment Locke is left with little time and the timer goes out of time. The exciting moment …

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  • Echaniwarrior

    Lost Encylopedia

    March 21, 2013 by Echaniwarrior

    Hey, does anyone have the Lost encyclopedia? I do, it is FILLED with information.

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