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February 11, 2010
  • Ebuck

    It was very nice to get some answers about Richard tonight, or at least that is what I first thought. We do seem to have hard confirmation that he was on the Black Rock in some capacity. However, his explanation of why he could not kill himself (that he was touched by Jacob) really excited me at first. But as I've been thinking about it in the last hour I still think there is much more to learn about Mr. Alpert and his strange relationship to Jacob. He said that he could not kill himself because Jacob touched him, so at first I assumed that the same would apply for each of the losties we saw Jacob touch in The Incident. However, if Jacob's power does extend to all he touched then the touch alone cannot be the reason for Richard never…

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  • Ebuck

    Tapestry in photo of Claire

    February 11, 2010 by Ebuck

    In "What Kate Does" Kate comes across a photo of Claire while going through her suitcase in the mechanic's bathroom. Hanging behind Claire is what appears to be a tapestry similar to Jacob's from the pedestal under the statue. Looked at the screen shots the two don't match up. However, we know that Bram and Illana found a bit of cloth with a depiction of Taweret in the cabin which appears to match up with Jacob's tapestry and opening up the possibility that there is more to the tapestry than what is seen at the statue. IF there is in fact more to Jacob's tapestry why would it show up with Claire in the alternate timeline and does this suggest that the much talked about Aaron/Jacob connection may actually materialize in some way?

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