I just finished watching the episode Namaste from Season 5. In the beginning, it shows the Ajira flight at night. They start to hit turbulance and the white flash begins, then after the flash is gone, it's daytime. Therefore, the Ajira flight must have time traveled, and considering it says 30 years later from 1977, we can assume it's 2007. But whatever year it is, time traveled did occur since it went from night to day in a flash.

On a side note, people say Jacob is alive since he met with Hurley in 2008 and he died in 2007. However, that would only hold true if whatever happened, happened is true, and we have reason to believe that it's not. If it's not true, then Jacob would have been able to meet with Hurley, give him the guitar, then Ajira 316 takes off, Ben and Flocke are on the Island in 2007, then Ben kills Jacob. It's still a straight line, just with a time jump in there.

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