I know it was a good joke at Comic Con when Jorge asked about where Shannon's inhaler was, but that got me thinking, hear me out:

Shannon's inhaler is gone, Boone sees Sawyer has his book, he assumes he also has the inhaler refills, this leads to Sayid torturing Sawyer to get the medicine, this leads to Sayid leaving the camp in shame for what he did, which leads to him finding the cable and Rosseau, and knowing her leads to her showing them where the Black Rock is filled with dynamite, which leads to them blowing open the hatch, which leads to meeting Desmond, which will lead to him turning the fail safe key, which leads him to saving Charlie's life, which leads to the discovery of Naomi, which leads to Charlie turning off the jamming frequency, which leads to the freighter coming to the Island, which leads to the death of Alex, which leads to Ben moving the Island, which leads to the skipping through time, which leads to Locke telling Richard to come visit him as a child and that he will become their leader, which leads to Locke leaving the Island, which leads to him dying and convincing the others to come back to the Island, which leads to the return of Locke's body, which leads to Nemesis taking his form, which leads to manipulating Ben into wanting to kill Jacob, which leads to Ben killing Jacob, and there you have it, Nemesis' loophole.

THEREFORE, Nemesis hid Shannon's inhaler to set off a series of events that led to him killing Jacob. Thank you for the applause, haha. I know this isn't true, but I thought it was a fun little thought.

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