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  • Ebourke14

    Jacob's Visits

    August 10, 2009 by Ebourke14

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but what if Jacob's visits with the losties are not flashbacks but instead it's him changing the timeline. When he visits Kate, he prevents her from getting in trouble and he tells her not to steal again. Because of that visit, Kate becomes honest and a good girl.

    When he sees Sawyer, his pen was running out of ink so he would have put that letter away. Since Jacob gave him a pen, he continued to write which resulted in his uncle seeing the letter and asks Sawyer not to finish that letter. Because of that, Sawyer doesn't finish the letter and moves past the loss of his family and doesn't follow in Cooper's footsteps of being a con man.

    Jack is operating and freaks out, so his dad gives him …

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  • Ebourke14

    Shannon's Inhaler

    August 3, 2009 by Ebourke14

    I know it was a good joke at Comic Con when Jorge asked about where Shannon's inhaler was, but that got me thinking, hear me out:

    Shannon's inhaler is gone, Boone sees Sawyer has his book, he assumes he also has the inhaler refills, this leads to Sayid torturing Sawyer to get the medicine, this leads to Sayid leaving the camp in shame for what he did, which leads to him finding the cable and Rosseau, and knowing her leads to her showing them where the Black Rock is filled with dynamite, which leads to them blowing open the hatch, which leads to meeting Desmond, which will lead to him turning the fail safe key, which leads him to saving Charlie's life, which leads to the discovery of Naomi, which leads to Charlie turning off the jamming freq…

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  • Ebourke14

    I just finished watching the episode Namaste from Season 5. In the beginning, it shows the Ajira flight at night. They start to hit turbulance and the white flash begins, then after the flash is gone, it's daytime. Therefore, the Ajira flight must have time traveled, and considering it says 30 years later from 1977, we can assume it's 2007. But whatever year it is, time traveled did occur since it went from night to day in a flash.

    On a side note, people say Jacob is alive since he met with Hurley in 2008 and he died in 2007. However, that would only hold true if whatever happened, happened is true, and we have reason to believe that it's not. If it's not true, then Jacob would have been able to meet with Hurley, give him the guitar,…

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  • Ebourke14

    DHARMA photo

    July 10, 2009 by Ebourke14

    I don't know if this was ever answered or resolved. When Christian shows Sun and Frank the photo of the losties in 1977, Hurley is looking straight at the camera, but in 1977 when they tell them to say Namaste, Hurley turns his head towards Kate as the camera flashes. So was that a different picture, or did something change?

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  • Ebourke14

    Is Locke the loophole or is Ben? Nemesis talks about killing Jacob, and says someday he'll find a loophole. So the loophole allows him to kill Jacob, and we can all agree that Ben killed Jacob. So wouldn't Ben be the loophole?

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