At first, the season one episode episode "Hearts and Minds" doesn't seem to be that significant. But as I watched it again after seeing the season 5 finale, it might be one of the most important episodes of the entire first season.

The Boone story itself is not what makes the episode important, because Boone was simply a redshirt in the grand scheme of things. but what this episode does is begin to establish the relationship between Jack and Locke to an even greater level than "White Rabbit", which will be further explored throughout the rest of the rest of the series.

Jack's story begins with him being suspicious of Locke's failure to bring any boars back from hunting, leading him to question what Locke is really up to. He finds Locke on the beach, starting a scene very reminiscent of the beginning of "The Incident". Jack even opens the conversation very similar to the Man in Black does by asking "Any ships?". I find it very interesting that Locke is in Jacob's position and Jack is in the man who would soon impersonate Locke's place.

5x16 Jacob and nemesis

But here's where it gets deeper. Jack is not convinced of Locke's integrity and thus begins to ask other Losties for opinions about the man that is John Locke. Charlie responds by saying "if there's one person on this island I would put my absolute faith in to save us all it would be John Locke."

Seeing as the answer to the question of what lies in the shadow of the statue is "He who will save us all", this leads me to speculate whether it wasn't Jacob who lies in the shadow of the statue but rather John Locke. The writers seem to be clearly referencing this episode in "The Incident", so this theory seems very likely.


It is pretty safe to assume that we have not seen the last of John Locke, even though he is dead. His influence on Jack was the greatest factor in him deciding to return to the island. My belief is that it will be Locke and Jack influencing each other that will be able to save everyone.

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