It is of no doubt that before the end of the series that there will be some characters who will be killed. Some characters are much more likely to die than others, so I decide to figure what I believe the odds of each character's death.

Ben 2:1 Technically still a villain, his death seems to be very likely. Hopefully it will be a heroic death.

Sayid 4:1 His character has not much left going well for him, so it seems he will be willing to be the sacrifice the island demands.

Jack 50:1

Kate 30:1

Hurley 20:1

Sawyer 10:1 Grieving from Juliet's demise, Sawyer finds himself in a similar situation to Sayid

Frank 8:1

Richard 4:1 Jacob's gone, which could mean his immortality might be gone as well

Man in Black 3:2 Evil villains typically have a large tendency to die

Miles 3:1

Jin 17:1

Sun 25:1

Vincent 100:1 That would be evil of the writers to kill of everyone's favorite dog

Illana 3:1

Bram 2:1 Both Bram and Illana are new characters, which increases their death odd greatly (see Charlotte, Faraday, etc.) Bram is more likely to die than Illana because Jacob has not spoken with Bram as we know now.

5x15 CheckingOnFaraday

Desmond 10:1 According to Mrs. Hawking, the island is not done with him yet. See Michael's death.

I really hope I didn't forget anyone important. I purposely left John Locke and Juliet off, because Locke is technically dead and its not looking too good for Juliet. Maybe I'll do Resurrection Odds later. I expect to update the odds during the course of the season, possibly even before if i change my mind.

Feel free to give any input.

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