Things I want to happen in the 6th and final season of Lost:

• For it to not be too many episodes before the losties in the 70s and the 2000s reunite. Inlcuding an epic reunion of Jin & Sun.

• To see whether the timeline was actually changed or not after the bomb went off, or if that always happened like with most things. And for this to happen straight away.

• The Black Rock’s origins to be explained.

• Richard Alpert’s backstory.

• A full explanation of who/what Jacob’s nemesis is quite soon from the start.

• The monster to have a full explanation and for it to somehow make sense.

• Jacob to not be dead and feature prominently. A full backstory and explanation of who/what he is and whether the overall reason for the losties being there is him or not.

• A general explanation of what the whole story of Lost is, ie the island/time loop/real or not/Jacob & nemesis playing a game etc.

• For Ilana & Bram to have their backstory explained and to be on the good side. And preferably for Caeser to return, it made no sense that they made him out to look big then kill him off straight away.

• The real Locke to not be gone and to return in some way, and hopefully be some form of saviour.

• Jack to carry on from where he left off and remain more of the kick-ass Jack we knew from the first couple of seasons.

• Christian’s appearance to be explained and hopefully that he’s not just a version of Jacob’s nemesis, and for him and Jack to reunite in some way.

• Sayid to not be dead.

• Some of the past characters to in some way return, even if just ‘new’ flashbacks or apparations (Eko, Charlie, Michael, Charlotte, Juliet (if she’s dead)).

• Libby to be explained (though something tells me this won’t happen).

• Daniel’s role to not be fully over with. For example Desmond time travelling again.

• Walt to return.

• Desmond to feature MUCH more prominently than he did in Season 5, and to return to the island.

• For Juliet to not be dead, and make it so it ends with those two together, and Jack & Kate together.

• Claire’s absense and weird behaviour to be explained, and hopefully that something proper huge will happen there, along with Christian.

• The whole Aaron/Malkin thing to be explained, and perhaps for an older version of him to arrive. Something to do with Aaron anyway.

• Henry Gale and his balloon to in some way be touched upon, that’s been bugging me for ages.

• Hurley and his numbers to have a proper role in the show.

• Pierre Chang to feature in a few more episodes, and for him to not die in the purge.

• Ben to end up on the ‘good’ side of things by the end. And for maybe more of his backstory, or for him to find Annie again.

• Find out who Adam & Eve are.

• The DeGroots/Hansos to actually feature on screen.

• The whispers to be explained.

• To see inside Hurley/Charlie’s guitar case.

• To see inside the Temple.

• Frank to feature quite often, and find out if that candidacy thing actually means anything.

• To see who was shooting at the time travellers in the other outrigger.

• A little bit more of Dharma time to be shown, but only a couple of episodes. Preferably to show how Ethan ended up as an other, what happened with Horace/Olivia/Amy, how Radzinsky ended up in the hatch etc.

• To have another REALLY old flashback involving Egyptians and the statue.

• Charles Widmore to feature again, along with Ms Hawking.

• Not too many more main characters die (for me I at least want Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Sayid, Desmond, Jin & Sun to survive).

• Each main character to have a good ending.

• For the actual proper ending of the show to not be too anti-climactic, and for it to be generally satisfying. (ie not like the Sopranos).

• And I guess if not all things are explained, for the writers to release a book afterwards explaining EVERYTHING!

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