I've been doing my own rewatch, up to Season 5 now, bloody loving it. But it's weird now watching it back just how much Kate pisses me off. I don't remember Kate annoying me that much when I first saw Seasons 1 & 2, but pretty much every single episode she's in, she really irritates me. I'm not sure if its Evangeline Lilly or the character of Kate, but so so annoying. Whenever there's a Kate centric episode I always feel aggrieved cos I'm hardly ever bothered, and just want to go back to on-island stories. Pretty much every decision she makes is the wrong one, always extremely selfish (even when she's doing relatively nice things, its normally for her own good), she always does the opposite of what she's told to do.

And what I never understood is why she did what she did with Aaron when she left the island. Why couldn't they have just said as the part of the lie that Claire survived at first but died giving birth, and then Kate looked after him from then on? Why did she suddenly have this mommy complex and keep calling Aaron 'her son' and get pissed off when anyone said otherwise?

Then of course is the whole love triangle, that while rather fascinating, is generally really annoying. I'm hoping that from now on it'l just be Kate/Jack and Sawyer/Juliet (if Juliet survived, which I think she did).

And the thing about Kate that annoys me most of all is the silly over the top confused face she does ALL THE TIME. I'm pretty sure you all know what I mean.

If I ranked the remaining characters, I think she would easily be my least favourite. But the funny thing is, despite all of that, Lost wouldn't be the same without her. She's one of the main characters, and somehow needs to be in the show. I just wish she wasn't so bloody irritating all the time!

There you go, rant over.

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