Hi there,

Firstly I really really don't want a reset or anything like that. There are so many things to be explained, as well as lots of island history, and so far its continued with the very clever idea of WHH and there being one timeline that may or may not have happened many times before, but one set timeline. If they suddenly changed all that, for me that wouldn't make much sense. Anything completely new and different will surely take up loads of screen time if nothing else, and we don't have time for that!

But from looking at the Comic Con promos and stuff, it seems some form of reset is going to happen. It may be the idea that it will be a parallel universe or something, or a kind of 'what it would be like if they didnt crash' type thing. All interesting ideas yes, but i'd rather it not! But if this does happen I just wanted to clarify that surely it won't be zapping back to suddenly on the plane three and a bit years previously? It would go back to the equivalent time they are actually in. In island-real time it is 2008, so they would go back to 2008, but with their new life as it is by that point, rather than go back three years to 2004, unless I guess if its a 'new flashback' with their new memories and experiences. If we had like 3 more seasons then this could have been pretty cool and new plot device, but not now with only 18 episodes left.

But I'm really hoping this doesn't happen. Surely by doing things such as the outrigger chase in season 5 where Juliet shoots someone (that is gonna be explained at some point I would have thought) and generally the whole Jacob/Nemesis thing, it just doesn't make sense to wipe everything out.

Only 5 and a bit months to go!

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