Hey everyone,

A while ago I wrote what turned out to be a massive guide to LOST from start to finish. It was mainly written for my Mum and best mate who were big fans but always couldn't remember loads when a new season came along, sometimes even when a new episode came on a week later. And so I thought I'd upload it for anyone who wanted to read it. It doesn't feature absolutely everything, but pretty much. And it mainly focuses on stuff that forwards plot if that makes sense. (The Jack tattoo episode is not mentioned at all if I remember rightly.) And so its probably a cool read just before Season 6 starts to get you in the mood. I bloody can't wait, don't think I've looked this forward to a new season for anything before.

Download/view it here: [1]

If it doesn't work for some reason let me know and i'll fix it. (And please excuse the red writing on each page, couldn't find a free version that converted Word to PDF, anyone know of one?

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