I think my need for new Lost episodes has reached new heights. Despite only a couple of months ticked off the huge amount of them we have left before Season 6, i'm desperate for new episodes! A couple of times now I have had vivid dreams of Lost, where it was a mix between watching a brand new episode and actually being part of it myself. For example last night I dreamt a scene where Jack & normal Locke were talking about the smoke monster, with Locke back to normal and both back in the correct time zone, and how Locke had a theory where it was Walt that controlled it whenever he was upset or happy. This of course is total crap but at the time it seemed very real, and it even included the Hurley Bird looking very different with glowing eyes flying past staring at John, all quite creepy. I have now had a few of these, mostly featuring Jacob. I was just wondering whether anyone else was going through these type of vivid Lost dreams, or if its just me that's losing the plot.

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