Apologies if this has been an obvious post on here recently but from skipping through the last 3 pages I couldn't see one. From really looking at it I'm starting to think that somehow Aaron will end up being Jacob. Normally I hate these silly theories where someone equals someone else despite having a different name, appearance etc, but it would make some form of sense, with the name only being the weird change. I'm thinking this because Aaron clearly has something really important within the Lost universe, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense him being in it, and staying in it as recently as the 5th series. Coupled with the whole Malkin thing, time travel, Kate looking after him etc. I'm starting to think hes some sort of accidental John Connor type hero. It also makes more sense why the Oceanic survivors are the ones that Jacob & Nemesis are focusing so much on, because Jacob/Aaron has such a special bond with them. Claire is his mother, Kate was his second mother, Jin helped with the birth, Charlie looked after him constantly, Sawyer soothed him for some reason, Locke built a crib, Sun looked after him, Jack was his sort of father for a time and is his uncle, Hurley is ... well Hurley etc etc etc Because he was born on the island he ended up having some sort of special powers discovered later in life. Why he would end up back on the island (maybe to search for his mother or mothers in Claire & Kate), but somehow ended up way back in time, and is trying to make things work out the way it should by altering the timeline each time (going to the mainland or projecting himself to the mainland to influence the characters history) so that eventually everything happens the correct way. Also, it shows why Christian left Aaron where he was in the jungle, because maybe he was an incarnation of Nemesis, and so he needed Aaron to stay there as he knew he would grow up to become Jacob and eventually end up in the place we were at in Season 5's finale. Another example is that during the timeshifts it always seemed to flash to important times in the islands history, and one of the shifts landed just outside Aaron's birth - I'm now thinking the importance of this wasn't just Aaron's birth, but rather Jacob's birth, and thus the start of everything.

I also realise that this is just a theory, and it probably has lots of holes like most theories do. And there's a huge chance that within the first minutes of Season 6 this will all be debunked, but I thought i'd post it and see what others thought.

Plus, while i'm here, and on a completely different note, I was thinking about the whole nemesis/Locke thing. When Locke was first revealed, he seemed JUST like the usual Locke - the way he talked, looked out to sea, eating the mango, 'I remember dying', and noticing Ben with genuine shock. It was only when he went off into the jungle by the houses and came back that he started to act strangely. I guess I was clinging onto the hope that it was actually the real Locke at first but then the monster killed/subdued him and put him back into the coffin, and then came back out of the jungle. This is probably EXTREMELY unlikely and makes more sense that it was Flocke from the get go after 316, but you never know. I just REALLY hope that that isn't it for Locke, quite a let down if it is in my opinion. I don't want Terry O'Quinn's role from now on to just be nemesis.

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