• Eamezey

    Hi everyone,

    Just thought you'd be interested in checking out a brand new weekly podcast we are producing for the last season of Lost.

    We've made a 20 minute recap of Seasons 1-5:

    Direct MP3: Or visit here:

    And the first episode, a review of 'The Substitute':

    MP3: Visit:

    It reveals NO SPOILERS, but has a lot of our crazy theories and thoughts of each epsiode.

    Let me know what you think, there'll soon be a site where you can subscribe to it too.

    Tom & Mog

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  • Eamezey

    Hey everyone,

    A while ago I wrote what turned out to be a massive guide to LOST from start to finish. It was mainly written for my Mum and best mate who were big fans but always couldn't remember loads when a new season came along, sometimes even when a new episode came on a week later. And so I thought I'd upload it for anyone who wanted to read it. It doesn't feature absolutely everything, but pretty much. And it mainly focuses on stuff that forwards plot if that makes sense. (The Jack tattoo episode is not mentioned at all if I remember rightly.) And so its probably a cool read just before Season 6 starts to get you in the mood. I bloody can't wait, don't think I've looked this forward to a new season for anything before.

    Download/view it…

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  • Eamezey

    I'm guessing that this will be one of the things that will be answered pretty quickly in Season 6. When Locke, Sawyer and co were going through the flashes they were chased in the other outrigger by an unknown party. We can deduce from the Ajira bottle in them that it must have been from post-2007 316 crash, so I was thinking about who these people will be.

    I think this, along with other things that were recently set up, show that there won't be a reset as it would have been very random to not explain it. It could be Jack & co time travelling back to the correct time, but I wouldn't think they would randomly shoot at the other boat, and where would they get a gun from?

    I'm thinking its most likely going to be Caeser. It won't be Ilana/Bram …

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  • Eamezey

    Kate Rant

    August 2, 2009 by Eamezey

    I've been doing my own rewatch, up to Season 5 now, bloody loving it. But it's weird now watching it back just how much Kate pisses me off. I don't remember Kate annoying me that much when I first saw Seasons 1 & 2, but pretty much every single episode she's in, she really irritates me. I'm not sure if its Evangeline Lilly or the character of Kate, but so so annoying. Whenever there's a Kate centric episode I always feel aggrieved cos I'm hardly ever bothered, and just want to go back to on-island stories. Pretty much every decision she makes is the wrong one, always extremely selfish (even when she's doing relatively nice things, its normally for her own good), she always does the opposite of what she's told to do.

    And what I never underst…

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  • Eamezey

    As I keep saying, I really hope they dont do a reset. But I was thinking earlier that perhaps those flashbacks where Jacob was seeing all our losties in the past, were not in fact a simple flashback where they always happened, but rather him seeing them in the altered timeline. Which would show why Jack's story about counting to five was vastly different to the one Jack told in episode 1. Just a thought, wondered what you thought? I'd prefer it though if it is indeed what we currently think, and that it always happened that way.

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