Okay, so now we’re told MiB was posing as Christian, too. In This Place is Death, the smoke disguises himself as Christian for no apparent reason, then appears to John Locke to tell him he needs to turn the frozen donkey wheel. Because of the time skipping, this happens to be sometime before the Black Rock’s arrival because we’re shown that the statue is still intact. This means that the smoke travelled through time.

So either:

  • a) The smoke is some inter-dimensional being that can transcend time. If so, it more super-human powers than we ever imagined, since it would be able to see all past, present, and future on the island, in addition to having the ability to scan people’s thoughts, and turn into smoke, etc. That being the case, couldn’t it travel back in time to when it was a man, and prevent himself from ever becoming a smoke? Transcending time would also mean that it could appear as anyone it ever wants to (except for maybe Richard), since everyone dies at some point in time. Christian wasn’t dead pre-Black Rock. Following that logic, the smoke-thing could have been appearing as Jacob all this time if it wanted, you see? Yet it took at least a couple hundred years to find a loophole, or whatever. Maybe it just didn’t notice that much time had passed. Ugh, this scenario is just stupid, and I don’t even want to think about it.
  • b) The MiB was stuck skipping through time along with Sawyer & co. Since this was MiB2004, it could appear as Christian because Christian was dead in MiB2004’s present. After Locke turned the wheel, MiB2004 would have ended up in 1974 just like Sawyer & co. Between 1974 and 1977, MiB2004 existed alongside MiB1 for three years. Maybe MiB can flashy-scan himself and read his own memories or MiB2004 spent three years telling MiB1 everything he knew about the future up through December 2004. In 1977, MiB2004 flashed to 2007, where he belongs chronologically (as the only MiB). If we take this further, it’s even possible that MiB2004 would figure out each flashdate (as far as MiB knew), and would learn all he could through scanning, or by meeting past MiBs on more than one occasion. Clever MiB; he was able to manipulate Locke not by coordinating the time flashes, but by taking advantage of them. That’s how he found his loophole. I guess.

Do I believe this? No, because that would be ridiculous. It makes more sense that Island Christian is not MiB. Can Island Christian travel through time at will? No, because Island Christian is a consciousness/ghost/spirit that got stuck skipping through time along with Sawyer & co. He does not have any smoke-powers, but he can appear and disappear in various locations on-island and off. He never met a ghost-of-Christian-past between 1974 and 1977, but he witnessed the LaFleur stuff, and that’s why he shows Sun and Frank the picture in the Dharma barracks while MiB is on Hydra Island with Ilana & co. MiB and Island Christian are the two males that Hurley saw in the cabin. Island Christian is “Claire’s Dad,” and MiB is “Claire’s Friend.”

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