• Dzdturtle

    OT and FST collide!

    April 20, 2010 by Dzdturtle

    I read someone's theory on here that Desmond is trying to get everyone to remember the OT so they will board the Ajira Flight 316 in three years and that is why the MIB wants them to leave on that plane so bad. So the two timelines will connect.

    This theory reminds me of the movie Donnie Darko. When the engine fell on there house through a worm hole and come to find out it was the plane that the Mother and sister were on to go or come back from her dance recital. Ofcourse in the Collided timeline Donnie Darko had to died, so I wonder who is the person in the end that is going to make that sacrafice so the rest of the lost characters can live a good life in the their collided time line?

    I'm just so confused about why MiB threw Desmond down th…

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  • Dzdturtle

    So now that the Alternate timelne is all about LOVE and Desmond is trying to get everyone to see the original timeline, by them feeling love from that timeline. Why did you he run over Locke?

    The reason I believe is this....... Locke did not fall in love with any individual on the island he fell in love with the island. The reason that he fell in love with the island is because the island healed him and he could walk again. So Desmond did a hit and run to force Locke to go see Jack (who is a mircle worker) to heal him so Locke will feel that love again and remember being on the island.

    Then Desmond will get everyone else to remember by them feeling love.....

    Then MIB and all the rest will take over Widmore and leave him on the island like he …

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