1. The island is not ALWAYS moving. Maybe the island doesn't move all the time, but what if when Ben turned the wheel and the island starting skipping through time and location, thats when it moved. When the Dharma Inc found it, it was in the middle of jumping and moved.

2. After watching Across the Sea again, and reading stuff, i always wondered how the FDW had hieroglyphics in its chamber, even if its not the same wheel, i assume MIB made the original which was after the time of the Egyptians, and after the statue and temple were built. BUT what if when Claudia's people crashed on the island, they actually moved in time, way back. before the the temple and statue were built. So after Mother died, MIB = Smokey, people came, built the temple, statue and found MIB's wheel. Just a thought.

3. Also reading about the healing the Island showed, and for some reason it seemed to be selective. I think its all from the water. When 8:15 crashed they only drank bottled water for a while, then began drinking from the island's natural water (which we've seen runs through the source and is carried in ducts.) So the water mixed with the source heals people. just like the 'hot-tub' in the temple. So when Ben moved the others into Dharmaville the might've began to drink from a filtrated source the Dharma Inc created. They were scientists so i'm sure they would've created a filtration system for water, instead of getting it straight from the rivers. so if the others including Ben did drink the clean new water, perhaps thats how he got a tumour. Locke did say he was 'cheating'.

4. Last, when some people asked why everyone except the Others (except Juliet) move through time. Probably because they haven't been on the island nearly long enough. They were new to it and hadn't become part of it. The others drank the water ever since they got there and lived with the energy. --DylanP 21:08, February 1, 2011 (UTC)

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