[Read only if you saw latest Episode! Everybody Loves Hugo]

Ah, thank god, another episode of season 6 that was very well done. I felt that this episode is finally another step forward in the season. No more waiting around on the beach or at the temple. Richard and Miles and Ben split from Jack, Sun and Hurley, and Poor Iliana, i really didn't see that coming. I personally really loved this episode, we got the answer for the whispers, the trapped 'souls' on the island, interesting. So theories, ideas and reviews, lets hear it. What about Flocke tossing Desmond into the well, AND the black bag Hurley found in Ilianna's stuff, very similar to the black bag with the twos tones found on Adam and Eve.

In the FST we didn't really find out why Libby was in the institution in the OT, it was also weird how, Desmond didn't try to give Hurley a near death experience, but at the end hit Locke with his car. Did he know that Locke had no love in the OT? [besides Helen, but that had nothing to really do with the island.]

I believe that episodes from now on will only start to get better, and not seem like a filler. Specially now that the FST have a point.

and just remember, War IS coming. --DylanP 02:12, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

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