I'm just making this so everyone can post they're favourite premire episode of a season fo lOST or the finale episode. Sow e can all discuss and remb how awesome they truly were. For me My favourite Finale (pre season 6 finale right now) has to be Season 2: Live Together Die Alone. I just loved this one because i felt it had the most meaning. Micheal betraying his fellow castaways for his son. Locke lossing his faith and ends the countdown. Desmond's flashbacks and the fail safe key. And of course the reason 815 crashed. My favourite part of the finale was when the counter almost reached zero, and desmond went to get the fail safe key. We see his flashback of him going to kill himself and finding Penny's note and realising she was gone. And going down to tun the key. "I love you Penny.". Also how Locke lost his faith and beleived thta none of it was real. Such a emotional scene. Then when the Other's captured jack, kate, saywer and Hurley. Micheal asking "Who are you people?" , basically reading my mind. and the line thats always been in my head "We're the good guys." Love it. I just thought that it did a greast job ending the season. Especially with the lsitening post, and the last words. "I think we found it." LOST. For my favourite Premire i would say, season 5. After we saw the island dissapear i was dieng to know what happened. And when it premired, showing us the flashes and the fate of everyone left behind. it paved the way for the show to make that jump to a deeper and more intense show. --DylanP 02:22, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

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