Like wow. I'll admit at the beginning of this episode, i was a little, uneased. Because it seemed to be happening to fast. Locke, killing Widmore's people, Getting to plane, "Oh wait, can't get there, lets go to sub." But when it turned out Locke tricked them all, I was literally on the edge of my seat the rest of the episode. This episode was awesome, in my opinion. The FST was great as well. Finding out that Locke and his father had a real relationship, and it was his fault he was in a chair and he paralyzed his father. Whatever happened happened, and the line "I wish you had believed me.". Back to OT, i knew that Flocke couldn't kill them, and i thought his plan was to sink the sub, just like it happened. But when Sayid took it an ran, and died, i couldn't believe it. i kept telling myself, "No he's alive, he's alive,he's alive." But no...sayid is dead. At least he redeemed himself. Then Lapidus i was so sad about. But, Sun and Jin!? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy!? Like, i almost cried, no joke. The scene on the beach with Hurley Crying and kate and Jack looking out to sea, i almost broke down.

Now back to FLocke, he knew the sub sunk, but he know's there are Candidates still alive because he still can't leave. Its like he can feel their presence blocking him. And now he's reaaallly pissed. OMG i can't waittt, all the pieces are set.

R.I.P Sayid Jarrah

R.I.P Sun & Jin Kwon.

R.I.P Frank Lapidus

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