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November 4, 2009
  • DutchKate

    Wallace is Walt?

    April 17, 2010 by DutchKate

    I think so.. Please suggest what you think, and why, or why not.

    Sorry if this may have been discussed before, I might have missed it.

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  • DutchKate

    Claire = Rousseau?

    February 15, 2010 by DutchKate

    Here's a thought after watching 'What Kate does', Maybe it's stupid, But I wanted to share with you anyway.

    I was wondering who was 'inhabiting' Claire, It couldn't be MIB.. Guess it couldn't be Jacob. Who else died and inhabits Claire? I was thinking; maybe it could be Rousseau.. When we see Claire holding a gun at the end of the episode, Don't you think she looks a bit Rousseau-ish? I always thought Rousseau died so suddenly. Although she did age..

    (I saw this after I posted; the image is named 'ClaiRousseau'..)

    Share your thoughts!

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  • DutchKate

    Jacob and MIB/Unlocke (Whatever you want to call him).. Are they part of the chess game, or are they the players?

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  • DutchKate

    So, are there any songs which remind you of Lost? This could be because of the lyrics, melody.. Anything.

    The song 'Rusty Halo' by 'The script' has the following lyrics: 'Now I'm looking up the bible tryna find a loophole, Yeah I'm living for revival dying for a new soul' Everytime I'm like O my god that's MIB! :-P Sad, isn't it..

    Here's the place to share your songs/lyrics!

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  • DutchKate

    The Island = Heaven/Hell ?

    December 16, 2009 by DutchKate

    I remember Anthony Cooper telling Locke something like; 'What if this island doesn't exist? That this is a place where people go when they die.. Like heaven, or hell.' I don't remember the EXACT words.. Maybe someone in here does..

    What do you think; Could this be true? Please share your thoughts.. :-)

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