One of the most enigmatic moments of dialogue this season, perhaps the series...

Nemesis: "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. It always ends the same."

Jacob: "If it only ends once. Anything that happens before that... is just progress."

Questions / Theories :

  • Jacob's Nemesis repeats the word they, reinforcing a difference. Are they humanity in general or simply off-islanders?

what does that make them (Jacob and Nemesis)?

  • Jacob has tried to prove something about them to his nemesis.

(that they can end it? ..or is it a more general quality or ability?)

  • Jacob is beginning his Egyptian Tapestry as the Black Rock arrives. When Ben is studying

the finished version, he reaches out at a particular passage (Greek? Translation?)

  • Jacob's den has a large 'eternal flame', and right under the foot! (lol- hotfoot!)

Yet he's cooking on an outdoor fire.

  • Nemesis " here because of the ship." as Jacob put it. At first, this led me to

think that the Nemesis just recently took this form / became manifest. Upon second

viewing, I'm not so sure.

  • Jacob has made previous contact with all of the Oceanic-5 plus Locke, Sawyer and Jin.

Physical contact is made significant in all in instances. Locke's deep inhale upon Jacob's touch is cliche resurrection stuff.

  • Unlike the other flashbacks, Juliet's flashback was new material and it didn't feature Jacob. Was that solely about Juliet learning how her Mom knew, or will we see how Jacob interacts with Juliet?

  • Jacob and Nemesis are trapped, similar to how the ash made the cabin a prison cell, the electromagnetic bubble is holding Jacob &/or Nemesis at bay. Popping the bubble will set either/both free (or rather unleash upon the world). If popular theories of Nemesis=Smokey are right, then Smokey could judge all of humanity without Jacob to stop him(?).

  • The cabin as a metaphor for the island itself is reinforced by both cabin and island being able to move and when Team Jacob (Ilana et al) look for Jacob at cabin, find that it's been appropriated and torch it ("They come,...they destroy...").

  • What if Jacob and Nemesis are just men but can't die per the usual 'because the island won't let them'.

  • Instead of Jacob and Nemesis being from Biblical or Egyptian mythos from ages past, what if they are from the far future and the 'they' Nemesis is referring to is primitive man.

  • Richard's a door pusher. He backed into Temple wall w/Ben; He opened hole in tunnel to Barracks; and he opened the door in the Foot Pedestal. So, could he open the rock behind the fake door in the fake village?

  • Richard says that he (has his eternal youth) because of Jacob.

Richard has a confused look when John says he wants to thank Jacob (for not being dead anymore). Does Richard consider his eternal youth a curse instead of a blessing? Perhaps there was a price paid for it (ie. deal with the Devil... that is, Jacob as the Devil?)?

  • Juliet's invitation to tea by Bernard was creepy. Were Rose and Bernard dead? Were they having a dead-people tea party and knew about Juliet?

  • (Juliet theories could run wild)
    • Juliet is frozen in time along with the nuclear flashpoint behind the Chernobyl wall.
    • Juliet is Smokey. Smokey hasn't been seen prior to '77; The way in which she was pulled down; the relation of Smokey and chains/mechanical sound. (this one's nuts, i know)

Did I hear Sawyer right during his fight with Jack? "I had light beer!" lol!

--Dugrrr 05:06, 15 May 2009 (UTC)

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