• Drive Shaft 101

    What is your Funniest moment? I have to many but I listed my favorite moments in perticular order...

    1. When Hurley chucks the Hot Pocket at the wall when Ben scared him. Ben's reaction was like priceless! 2. In the Pilot Jack,Kate,and Charlie are in the plane and I think that person or a cart came down and scared them and Jack asked Kate if sHe was ok, completly ignoring Charlie so charlie said." Charlie's fine!" or something like that. 3. All of Sawyers nicknames. 4. When Sawyer tries to open the Marshel's case. 5. When Locke visits Hurley to go back to the Island Hurley thinks that Locke is dead but finds out he's not and freaks out. 6. Hurley's nickname for Sawyer. "" 7. Miles and Hurley having a conversation aboout Time …

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