As we know how the show always uses some sort of re-occurring object, thing, or idea to foreshadow or reflect the past or future, I was wondering if anyone else thinks that there might be something significant about the old beat up Ford Bronco jack drives in seasons 3-4 ? Before the crash in the flash backs we see him driving a nice new BMW, suited to a successful surgeon in LA. But post Oceanic 6 survive time, we see him cruising around (drunk mostly) in the old brown, late 60's Bronco. At first I thought this to be strange-why would the producers pick this vehicle fro Jack? He had some money, he still makes a lot of money, he should have received a lot of money from Oceanic, and he had a nice car at one time, we know all this. But the old Bronco seems suit Jack. I could see him driving that old beast! But the question is "why?" Why that vehicle. I know there must be a reason for that vehicle. Like Hurleys red Camaro has purpose ( though not very significant to the over all story) to Hurleys story line. I think we may see this old Bronco come to play in season 6. Its a vehicle from the late 60's or 70's...Where is everyone stuck right now? In 1977!!! Could this Bronco be clue preluding to us that Jack's plan of preventing the crash back firing and creating longer and varied time warp flashes? Maybe he bought this vehicle in the 70's and drove it back on the mainland for a while? Kept it all those years as he flashed back and forth warping through the past and future? I just think that this Bronco is too unique of a specific vehicle choice for Jacks character to not play some part or clue into the big picture! Has anyone thought about the Bronco?

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