'I've been reading on some blogs here about the Hydra and the airstrip. We all know about the Dharma submarine and the Donkey Wheel. I really don't have a theory to post but more of a question that has been bothering me for sometime. And the only conclussion that I can come up with, cannot be verified by anyone as of yet because there have been no incidents in any season that might explain their happenings. Here is the question..."How do those on the island, travel to the many different continents. country's, do their various visiting expeditions ???????? It has been nagging at me for a while but really intensified after the season finale'. We know that Dharma had the submarine and so did the others after the purge. But we had Widmore as an other living with a truce beside the DI. He was banished because of his frequent off island visits and having a family with someone outside of his people. We had Juliette and Locke being visited by Richard and even Ethan and that is the only ones that are explainable. It was after the purge and the others had control of the sub as well as all the other stations. But how about when Locke was a chil and was visited. How about Jacob visiting everyone either before the 815 flight or after the 316 flight. The only explaination I can come up with is possibly there is a way from inside the temple??? REALLY NEED SOME OTHER THOUGHTS HERE PEOPLE.

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