Ok, so I guess its fair to say that nobody really has a clue as to how Season 6 is going to start, apart from the writers obviously.

At the end of Season 5 Jacob was stabbed by Ben and before he croaked he muttered something like "They're coming." Famous last words? Not the best I've ever heard, but Locke (or Flocke as everyone is calling him) kicking him into the fire as he was taking his last breath made up for that. I mean he could have waited untill he had died before he proceded with the cremation!

Whilst back in good old 1977 Juliet decided that it would be a good idea to have a face-to-face with an atomic warhead, when she gets the smart idea of bashing it with a rock! (Nice one Juliet!) Just before we see whether or not she was sucessful in detonating the atomic weapon the screan turns white and the negative of the Lost title screen was shown which I know has whipped you all into some kind of frenzy, theorising what it could all mean. Maybe it doesn't mean anything and the producers only did it like that because no one would have expected it. Maybe.

Anyway..... back to my original point. A lot of people have been saying that the white flash at the end of Season 5 was the H-Bomb detonation, which if true then Flight 815 never crashed on the Island and non of any of Lost happened, right? Even more people seem to be in the WHH camp and are sticking to their guns. That whatever Juliet did down there always happened and was just a part of the incident. To you people I say come in to the light my friends. This is Lost! It has never been as simple as saying WHH because after a while, that would just be boring and the whole of Season 5 would have been pointless apart from witnessing The Incident. On the other hand 815 never crashing??? Can't see it happening myself because that would mean that Season 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 would all have been pointless, nay, needless. And besides what sort of story would we have left for Season 6?

Then the other day I had a thought. Maybe whatever Juliet did, maybe it did change the future. I believe that 815 would still have crashed on the Island with or without The Swan station. How an electromagnetic anomally could bring down a Jumbo Jet I'll never know considering that most comercial air liners are made from Aluminium which isn't magnetic! And anyway, didn't the pilot of 815 say that he lost radio signal and headed towards Figi, which if I'm not mistaken has nothing to do with The Swan but more to do with fate?

So what have they changed I hear you cry? Well if there was never a Swan station then that would mean that there was no Fail-safe for Desmond to turn which in turn would mean that Charles Widmore and his frieghter would never have found the Island. Remember at the end of Season 2, Dessy turns the failsafe key and somewhere in the Antartic two guys phone Penny Widmore and tell her that they think they found it? This wouldn't have happened. If the freighter wasn't sent to the Island then Ben's daughter would still be alive, Ben wouldn't have moved the Island and non of the Oceanic 6 would have left the Island. This is what I think Jacob is refering to when he says that "They're Coming" and I think this is where Season 6 will pick up. Or he means the ones that can finish the time loop that he and his associate (Man In Black) seem to be stuck in. Remember it only ends once and anything that happens before it is just progress.

Just wanted to throw that out there, see if you guys can expand on the idea a little, hey perhaps you can even tear shreads off it. Sorry if it is a little long winded.

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