Lost has been great at showing us improbable inter-connectivity. Throw in time travel from season 5, and anything can happen. Even the identity of all our characters is thrown into question.

I've been cogitating for quite some time and giving this an enormous amount of thought, and realized the following must be true:

Lost is a big time loop. The show was originally supposed to be called "Circle" or something, right? See if you can keep up. When Aaron grows up under the safe keeping of his mother he will search for his origins and find the island. Also, Jack has been bonding with his son David in the FST and tells him about these strange memories he's been having: his appendix, appearances of a Scottish man he thinks he knows from somewhere, etc. David, in an epic quest of his own, also discovers the island on the bottom of the ocean.

At the same time in both timelines, Aaron pushes the donkey wheel and David, underwater, also pushes the donkey wheel. They both end up on the island in another timeline. And of course, as their older selves, we'll recognize them as Jacob and the MiB guy, complete with beach convo scene. You see, Aaron as Jacob is trying to prove to David as MiB that their parents care about them and he's searching for who they really are. (David's mom in the FST happened to also be crazy Claire; Jack and Claire got divorced when he realized she was his sister.)

This epic pushing of the donkey wheel threw everyone connected with the island for a loop. Walt had grown up and thrown into his past, finds a younger version of his mom, without knowing it at first, and does it, resulting in Walt. He became Michael and he's his own dad. The real reason he's upset about being separated from his kid when he's a baby is not because he just cares about his kid, but he wants to tell him not to do his mom next time around. Michael didn't die but gets caught in a quantum limbo, between many worlds. Eventually he gets thrown back again and becomes first Yemi, then in the next loop, Yemi's brother Eko.

Charlie didn't die at The Looking Glass. He was caught in a quantum limbo, and has some chats with Hurley, who is the only person that can see people in quantum limbo. Charlie later got thrown back in time and, after undergoing some facial reconstruction due to being drowned, he becomes Desmond. (They're both from the UK, right?)

Jack has been touched by Jacob and, instead of not aging, gets to be a little younger, in the next time loop. He totally gave up on being a doctor because he sucks at fixing things. Food became a comfort for him and he eats and eats until he is as big as Hurley. Wait..... he is Hurley!

When Jin gets thrown through the time loop he undergoes a sex change and major plastic surgery and becomes Sun and marries himself.

Help me out. What Lost characters are really also other characters in this great time travel series? Is it possible that every character we've seen is really one character who, through modern conveniences like sex changes, species changes (Vincent, Hurley Bird), Jacob's life touch, and time travel, with enough time loops he plays the part of every other character in the show?

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