I'll try to keep my after episode blog shorter than I usually do. I wanted to ask what people thought about the whispers.

The whispers have always seemed pretty important to me, being a main mystery even from season 1. Well, we get the answer to what the whispers were last night. Or I should say, we got an answer.

So Michael said the whispers were "those of us that can't move on". I read someone else say that he said "because of what we did", but I don't remember that. If that's true, then Charlie didn't make up for his "life of sin" by his sacrifice in Through The Looking Glass and MiB's judgment of Eko was warranted (Hurley played chess with dead Eko). If Michael didn't say that than maybe there's some other reason, though it would make sense that Hurley hasn't seen Libby, then; she seemed like a pretty good person.

One thing I didn't like about the reveal and the whispers in this episode was that these aren't the same whispers we've seen (heard?) in the first couple seasons. They sounded louder and slower. I don't know if this is a case of the producers wanting to hit us over the head with it (I did hear a whisper say Hugo's name) or what, but I didn't like that change.

I think the answer is probably the same as we've seen since season 1, since even then, when people processed the audio to provide transcripts, there was the voice of Frank Ducket, the man that Sawyer killed thinking he was Anthony Cooper. "Dead people" or rather "consciousnesses of dead people" was an answer I was expecting.

But who else is disappointed in the amount of revelation? Personally I'd like further explanation that would allow me to lend some credence to a sci-fi or pseudo-science explanation, as well. Do you think we'll get it. Or do you think the show will end up being spiritual and not really allow a rational explanation? I hope that they are giving the spiritual answers first, as those are the easiest to give to people who don't have a more complete understanding, and we'll receive deeper answers later.

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