I don't mean the answers that people are either not satisfied with, wasn't delivered as chilling and dramatic as they could be, or possibly even don't make sense. I don't mean what some feel as a sudden introduction of characters we didn't care about, or even the FST full of characters that we are meeting for the first time, since they're not the same Losties we know (completely different life experiences).

There's something else. Something just feels off.

Recently I rewatched the first few episodes. They were completely awesome. BAM! Closeup to Jack's eye, we seem him laying in the jungle, scary music, cool camera movement. All of it sets us in the mood for when he pops out of the jungle... OMG a plane crash on the beach! All of these episodes just seemed awesome and kept that thrilling chilling feel the whole time, pretty much.

Flashforward to season 6, and I don't feel that anymore. I felt it right up to The Incident at the end of Season 5, and I was excited about MiB and Jacob on the beach and the ending of the season, did the bomb work or didn't it? Did they change things or just cause the Incident? Wasn't that awesome how the chain wrapped around Juliet and started to drag her down, just like Smokey did to Locke in season 1?

But aside from Sundown, I don't know, something feels off about Season 6. I guess Ab Aeterno was mostly cool, too. And I like Ben's breakdown in front of Ilana, and Jack and Richard's dynamite scene, but until very very recently I could care less about the FST.

And you know, it's not even about the plot line, FST or not. Something feels off about the directing, the camera choice, maybe the acting, the music. In White Rabbit we had cool switches to the Flashback. BAM! Flash to kid on his back and stuff. We hear things, we pan out more, we find out it was Jack and bullies are beating up on his friend. The event is pretty mundane and everyday, but they way they showed it made it cool. Back on the island, towards the end of a scene we hear clinking in a glass as the island-life is still going on then swish, over to the Flashback, the clinking is Christian's drink and he starts talking with his son about the bully incident.

I said "aside from Sundown" above, because I really like some things they did with that episode. I loved the "Catch a Falling Star" song, and then how they played it creepily as Kate and Claire walk through a Temple of dead people. Loved the Smokey action, the creepiness of Sayid when Ben offers to help him escape. That episode was well done.

Happily Ever After had some good moments and reveals, but for example when Eloise pulls him aside and starts yelling at him about not needing to see the list and some kind of violation. In Flashes Before Your Eyes her sudden snap at him was unexpected and thrilling. Here, there was something missing about it. It was cool to see the whispers, but they even sounded different than they did in previous seasons, louder, more pronounced, harsher hush noises.

Anyone else feel similar? I've also been using my computer some while watching TV lately, so that distraction could play into it. Is it me? Or the show?

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