Unlike in the past, I'm not making a episode review this week, pointing out intriguing thoughts the latest episode brought up. This episode felt like another Recon, to me (though not as bad). It was an episode of maneuvering pieces into place for a bigger mind blowing plot later.

We had a few confirmations, which was nice: Room 23 was Dharma experimenting with subliminal messages; Widmore knows of Flocke; Widmore has Desmond as "The Package". We had another tempation, Sun, who also rejected Flocke. Good for you, Sun. And the only reason to stick up for Hurley is to get you to stop talking about bacon. Lovely. I liked seeing that they were paying attention to the pockets of energy beneath the island again.

So now to my title. This episode reminded me of another entity that I believe is a big player: The Island. I thought about this when Locke confirmed that he can't just pick himself up and fly over to the other island as Smokey. Though Flocke IS a liar, I'm sure not everything is a lie. He could have just not wanted to show himself as Smokey, even though he was a ways from camp.

The Island as Another Player

I'm sure we have a third force out there beyond just Jacob and MiB, though. Christian is a favorite of many, and he was seen on the freighter just before Michael died, letting him know that the island was done with him and he could go. If Flocke can't fly across the water, then that wasn't MiB. Christian did also show up off the island. So, from those two instances, Christian also isn't "infected and back to life" like Sayid and Claire.

Then we have the Mysterious Boy appearing to MiB. This was in the same manner as previous strange appearances, as well, such as Walt all wet appearing to Shannon. The Mysterious Boy was reminding Flocke, though, that "you can't kill him". That whole scene was handled in a very non-Jacob way. (I can't remember, but I thought the producers have also confirmed that we haven't seen Jacob in any other forms than the Jacob we know, too.)

So the entity left, after Jacob and MiB, is the Island. We heard a lot about "The Island" doing this or that in earlier seasons, though granted it's often been by people that didn't really know what was going on. (We find that Ben didn't know nearly as much as we thought he did; he was always putting on.) But, Christian did refer to "The Island", as well.

So, nothing extremely new, just some reflections on what we've seen. I still can't exactly get what angle "The Island" as an intelligence would be coming from, though. Maybe he's a referee? Can't wait.

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