How could the Lost island, with all of its fantastical happenings, possibly be explained by science at this point? While I don't think the Lost Powers That Be (LPTB?) are going to explain everything in detail, I'm sure they'll give us hints and probably metaphorical explanations that help to answer that question. They did say early on that everything can be explained by pseuod-science/science-fiction. How so? Here's my example.

Ever heard of Schroedinger's Cat? Put a cat in a sealed box with a radioactive capsule that has a 50/50 chance of reacting and killing the cat. Quantum theory says that until an observer actually opens the box and observes whether the cat is dead or alive that he actually exists in both states simultaneously. Now, this doesn't actually happen on macroscopic things like cats, but at the microscopic level it does happen.

No really; it really does happen.

The observer is a part of quantum theory. You can't know both the position and velocity of a particle, such as an electron, because as soon as you observe one of them, you change the other. The act of observing affects what you are observing.

And so the island and its exotic matter could have this effect on the island as a whole, maybe the whole world. Notice that whenever they need or ponder something, it's there. The comic book and the polar bears, Locke and Sawyer/Cooper, the Lighthouse, etc. Which begs the question, would the island have as much fantastical power if it weren't for the people on it?

Another thought is the Double Slit Experiment. Now, take a room in a complete vacuum and split it in two. In the room divider have one thin slit. On the other side of the room is a material that will catch photons, light particles, that we shoot through the slit. Now fire a stream of photons, one at a time, through the slit, and you will see, on the material on the other side of the room, the image of the slit gradually appear. Each photon take a unique path through the slit to make a image of the slit eventually appear.

Now, make that one slit in the room divider into two slits. One of the things this theory was to try to prove whether light is a particle or a wave. Turns out, it's both. We have two slits and we still fire the photons through one at a time. Now, if these photons were base balls, in the macro world, the baseballs would each take a unique path through the slit and hit the opposite wall to form an image of the two slits. But these are not baseballs, these are photons. What happens. The photons eventually for an image of three slits on the opposite walls.

Why three? If you were to send all the photons through at once the particles would bump into each other and act like a wave. As the wave goes through the two slits the resulting waves interfere to form the three slits on the opposite wall. (Forgive me if the details are wrong; I'm going off of memory, but the principle is correct.) But we are only firing the photons one at a time, but they are still acting as if they are colliding with other particles.

The Many Worlds theory resolves this. If there are multiple universes and they can interact at the quantum (very microscopic) level, these photons are colliding with other photons in other universes. The universes are interacting to make the single photons still behave like a wave.

And what do we have in Lost? Now, at least two timelines, many worlds. What if these worlds, on the macro level, can interact. Actually, we've already seen some evidence of this.

Now, I'm not saying that this is what the LPTB have in mind for what the island is, and it's still vague enough to leave mystery, but it's an example of how they can keep Lost in the realm of fantasy with a scientific theory or at least pseudo-scientific answer.

I don't know. What do you think are the merits of this theory? Or is there a similar kind of quantum mechanical theory that, when applied to the macro world, might explain Lost?

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