I wanted to make a short blog about reflections over the show's entertainment value. I don't need to talk about Christian and how, if that's the last word, it's inconsistent and a cop out and I feel cheated. I don't need to give theories about who is on whose side or my general dissatisfaction of the poor delivery of some answers to mysteries this season.

What I want to talk about is how I feel the show is becoming entertaining again.

I've been touched by some moments this season. Ben Linus pouring his heart out to Ilana. Seeing buildings in the lighthouse mirrors. Sundown, I think, has been my favorite episode so far this season (creepy singing amid all the dead people, shivers), with Ab Aeterno as a close second, and every time Jacob has shown up has been thrilling.

But overall, this season has felt very blah. We have the Flashsideways timeline, for starters. At first I thought it was an awesome idea. We were all wondering at the end of Season 5, did blowing up the bomb work to change things or didn't it? I knew it couldn't have, because that would have been lame and then what would we do for Season 6? But then, if it didn't all that would have been for nearly nothing and we lost our characters in the past? The best answer, then, was both, and the fact that I didn't think of it made the answer a little startling at first.

But then we gradually saw how the Flashsideways was completely different. These weren't the characters we were introduced to in Season 1, these are completely different people. We can't even use the FST to explain anything about our characters any more, because it's all different. Besides each FST becoming increasingly boring and predictable (yes, as soon as I saw Sawyer I knew the reveal would be he was a cop; it was that obvious), but there was nothing really happening in them. Well, nothing we as the viewers cared about anyways.

Happily Ever After helped to change that. The FST at least became mildly interesting then. But finally in last night's episode stuff was starting to happen! People were coming together. I got that "What the...?!" feeling back when Desmond was trying to bring Claire to see his lawyer friend, who was already looking for Claire... That probably should have been obvious, but the delivery was good because we just spent an entire scene with Desmond trying to convince Claire to come with him that I forgot about Christian's will.

Locke ended up on Jack's table, which was predictable, but interesting how his spinal sack had burst open just like his wife in the OT that he fixed. So things are starting to happen.

On the island, for much of this season nothing has happened. At the temple we see a lot of Others sitting around doing nothing while the Losties chat. They escape and meet on the beach... and sit around and do nothing. The Others at Locke's camp... sit around and do nothing. For a big suspenseful endgame season, there's been an aweful lot of sit around and do nothing. A few episodes, like Sundown, there was some thrilling action.

But I was pleased in last night's episode that we took to action again. Bombs, plans of retaliation and hushed plans of escape. Red shirts flying. Unexpected turns, like Claire dropping her gun and joining them or Zoey capturing all of our candidates once they show up on Hydra island. Very nice.

I hope the action keeps up. And I hope the answers get some more clarification, or at least stop being cop outs.

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