When watching last night's episode, at first I was feeling cheated that most of the episode was taking place in the flashsideways timeline, but then it began to grow on me. It was no longer just a boring everyday reality, it was Lost and crazy stuff was happening AND WE WANT TO KNOW WHY! :) Well, at least they are now telling us more what the FST has to do with our story. I still think revelations like this would have been better to keep us interested in the FST up front, but then the other FSTs would have seemed even more boring, I suppose. What else did we learn?

Many Worlds Interpretation? Throw It Out

I think this episode ended the possibility of using the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics to explain things, as I was beginning to suspect. After all, the writers have often been talking about what is supposed to happen. Can we really have a discussion about fate if there is an infinite number of worlds where everything that could have happened has happened? But Daniel put the nail in the coffin, I think (Daniel Widmore, that is :D ) when he said that this timeline was a violation (was he the one that used the word violation? Someone did). They have other lives that they were supposed to have lived. But they set off a nuclear bomb to cause this timeline to also have existed.

All We Need Is Love

Love is the key. I think they kind of hit us over the head with that one tonight. What did Charlie see each time he almost dies? The woman he was in love with in our original timeline. And Desmond sees it, too. Penny. Sweet Penny. Love connects the two timelines, and I think that is perfect and poetic considering our discussion of Free Will vs. Destiny.

After all, you can talk about being "destined" to be with someone, but with out free will you can't love them, not really. If I'm being forced to love someone and I have no choice in the matter, I don't really love them; at that point, I'm just a robot.

They Stole My Scene

I was a little flabbergasted with the scene with Charlie walking straight out across a busy street, at first, because in a book that I'm writing that's exactly what one of my characters does. Charlie did it because he wants to die, but in my book the character does it because he knows he won't. So at first I was like "They stole my scene!", then I figured, well, no, that would be a common action for anyone that is determined to die like Charlie (or in the case of my story knows he won't die). Still, I liked Charlie in this episode. Not the happy-go-lucky Charie we know and love, but a creepy, determined to die Charlie.

They Got What They Thought They Wanted

Both Desmond and Charlie got what they wanted. Charlie's rock band had been successful and Desmond had gained the approval of Charles Widmore, was well-off and successful. But neither of them had love, which is what all of us as humans really want and need, and by the end of the episode Desmond realized that's really what he wanted, as well.

But Locke had love in the FST, not the OT. It might be something to think about. I don't know where to go with this one, at the moment.

And our Desmond experienced the FST when he was hit by the EM force on the island. That was quite interesting. And the experience made him do a total 180, ready to help Widmore with what he would ask of him.

Anyways, that's my thoughts on the episode for now.

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